Yes, on all purchases made at the participating department stores and outlets. (Expect during special promotions)

We will send you a regular statement telling you how many MOZOON points you have earned to date. You can also check your points balance at any time by calling our customer service agent or visiting our customer service desks at participating department stores /outlets.

Earned points can be redeemed only 24 hours after being earned. Redemption is based on a first in – first out method. Except during SPECIAL PROMOTIONS points are not allowed to redeem.

Within 12 months’ time if you were able to maintain the amount of points or exceed the points category qualifies you for a higher level of membership, you will automatically be upgraded. We will confirm this in writing and send you a new MOZOON card if necessary. You will then be entitled to enjoy all the benefits this upgrade brings.

If your collection of point’s falls below that required for your existing level of membership, you will then revert to the level that matches your spending. However, you will be upgraded again as soon as you’re points collection goes back up to the relevant level.

Yes, only Mozoon members’ children aged between 5 and 16 years can apply for Mozoon Cool card membership.

If you have forgotten your card, please go to the MOZOON customer service desk in the store to obtain a new MOZOON card or You should immediately contact the MOZOON team on +974 444 777 49 / +974 5010 9900 and we will arrange for a replacement card to be sent to you as soon as possible.

No. the MOZOON card must be presented at the cashier to credit points to your account on the day of purchase. Except for special cases approved by the store manager. (within 30 days from the transaction date).  If you forget to bring the MOZOON card please inform the cashier or the customer service agent to get your temporary MOZOON card to add points.

Points earned are valid for 24 months (two years) from the date of earning; if they are not redeemed they will expire based on a first in – first out method.

The MOZOON points will be registered on the system immediately after your purchase, and will be available for redemption only 24 hours.

You can contact the MOZOON team on +974 444 777 49 / +974 5010 9900 , or send your details via email to info@mozoon.com to update the information.

You may collect the membership card at the Mozoon customer service counters at the following stores.

  • Blue Salon department store (Al Saad)
  • Highland department store – The Mall
  • The Face Shop – Doha Festival City
  • Bugatti – Mall of Qatar

OR we will send the card by register post to your P.O. Box stated on the application form within 3/4 weeks time from the registration date.